About MTIWM - Mission/Vision
Our Mission
... is to win souls to Christ and to promote a higher spiritual altitude, by helping them define their divine purpose in Christ Jesus.

... is to magnify the power of God within you, because God is bigger than what we precede.

...is to teach the word of God in an understandable and simplistic style, and to be able to apply the word of God to spiritually starved people.

Our Vision
Investing in God’s people for spiritual elevation
Television/Radio Broadcast
Bible School
Education Facility

Our Purpose
We are dedicated to helping every willing soul define their divine purpose in Christ Jesus!
(Ephesians 1:8-11)

We believe that through this ministry, God’s anointing will:
...reach the unreachable
...touch the untouchable
...mend the broken heart
...heal the wounded
...inspire the rejected
...inspire the spiritually starved

...come alive

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