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Pastor Donney FaulkPastor Donney Faulk was baptized in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and received the Holy Ghost on January 17, 1980 at the Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ under the late great Pastor Claude Allen Sr. (Known as “Papa Allen”) He was a part of that ministry for over 25 years.

Pastor Faulk was called to the ministry in 1983, and during the call God has opened numerous doors for him to convey the gospel. He has conducted over 57 revivals, along with various teaching seminars concerning the gospel of Jesus Christ. His preaching and teaching has left and continues to leave a strong impact on numerous individuals, which has led many souls to Christ. It was prophesized on numerous occasions that he would pastor, and that God was going to bless his hands in the ministry.  

God had been dealing with Pastor Donney Faulk regarding the call to pastorate for about a year prior to actually acknowledging the call.  After 25 years of faithful service to the PCJC ministry, Elder Faulk stepped out on faith and heeded to the commission of God. Pastor Faulk believes one must have an elevated perspective concerning fulfilling the visions that God gives an individual in Christ, and from that revelation was derived the name of the ministry, MountainTop International Word Ministry. While at a home going service on September 15th 2005 the ministry was declared with just his wife and three sons, and no place to worship.

On Sunday October 16th 2005, Mountaintop held their first service at Ferndale Assemblies of God. In that service Pastor Faulk preached, “IT SHALL BE DONE” (Joshua 1:2-6). As Pastor Faulk anointed everyone in the service, he prophesized that God would do for this ministry in two years what He has done for others in ten to fifteen years.  He also declared that we were chosen for “such a time as this”.

God’s favor and grace was upon the ministry, in just 2 ½ years from the start of the ministry Pastor Donney Faulk and congregation purchased a 27,000 square foot church in Oak Park, MI. on December 4th 2007. Since the acquisition the Lord has allowed the ministry to baptize an amazing amount of souls in the name of Jesus, and many have been filled with the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Donney Faulk has been married for over 30 years to Michelle Danita Faulk, and is the father of three sons, Girard, Jovon, and Donney.

Elder Faulk also is a graduate of the University of Detroit, where he received a bachelor’s of science degree in Business Administration with a major in Accounting. He has also attended Graduate school at Walsh College for a MS degree in Taxation and received an Honorary Doctorate degree from Aenon Bible College.

Elder Faulk was employed with DTE Energy for 30 years where he held many roles in management for the Controllers organization. His testimony is “Jesus has proven to be FAITHFUL to him down through the years.”

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